Just Change UK is a voluntary organisation that trades in the UK on behalf of the adivasi (indigenous) people of South India on their terms. We sell their tea and other products at a price that’s fair for the producers and for the buyers. It’s fair because they set the price themselves.

We are part of the global Just Change movement that originated in India. There, thousands of people are connected through Just Change community trade links. Find out more about how Just Change works.

You can be part of it by buying delicious, South Indian Just Change tea and other products [link to sales page], or involving your community in the global Just Change network [link to get involved page].


“Perhaps one day we will have a society where we can proudly say the poor are no longer with us. Because poverty has been eradicated and not just alleviated, because justice has been done.” Stan Thekaekara, Just Change Founder, India

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